USNCC Pilot Phase Academic Policies

The below USNCC policies are established and in place to ensure USNCC alignment with DoN leadership guidance and support student success while participating in USNCC educational opportunities. Policies may change based on Service direction and necessity while establishing the USNCC. For questions or clarification on the policies below, contact the USNCC at

Topic Initial USNCC Pilot Policies
Accreditation The USNCC is an educational institution supported by partnering private and public nonprofit higher education institutions that offer regionally accredited programs. USNCC is currently seeking accreditation through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), which is a voluntary, non-governmental, membership association that defines, maintains, and promotes educational excellence across institutions with diverse missions, student populations, and resources. Prior to achieving accreditation (pre-candidacy status), the USNCC plans (via Consortium Agreement) to partner with institutions who will be the primary degree-grantor for associate degrees and certificates. Upon achieving Post-Candidacy status (accreditation) the USNCC will become the primary degree grantor for participating USNCC students.
Enrollment (each term or Pilot) All eligible populations, pending Command approval, and in good standing with service and participating college. Course must end before completion of enlistment term / separation from AD service.
Course Load/Maximum Courses per Year Maximum courses per year: 5 courses; Maximum number of courses per term: no more than 1 course (with lab), regardless of the number of credit hours determined by the Partner Institution per term without USNCC approval.
Academic Standing/ SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) CGPA (cumulative) of 2.0 or greater. If CGPA < 2.0 for a second term in a row, an appeal must be submitted and approved by USNCC to continue.
Failed Courses Students may repeat a failed class (F or WF) one time (presuming in good academic standing). Subsequent repeats require appeal and approval by USNCC.
Incomplete Grades Students must complete an incomplete grade by the end of the following term. In rare cases, an extension may be approved by the course professor and USNCC. Students may not register for additional courses if they have a current incomplete without a final grade.
Program Changes Students may change program of study one time to another USNCC program (for programs allowed by service policy) if approved by USNCC.
No Show or Late Withdrawal A warning will be issued upon first no-show or non-approved course withdrawal. USNCC enrollment will be terminated if students no-show or fail to complete 2 or more classes. Opportunity to appeal to USNCC. Withdrawals due to deployment and military service obligations excluded (must be submitted by Command and approved by USNCC).
Payment/Funding USNCC will financially assist students by supporting the costs of tuition, mandatory fees, and instructional materials. USNCC will not pay for courses outside of a program of study (excluding pre-requisites) and students may not enroll in courses for which they have already received academic credit without USNCC approval.
Eligible Courses Eligible courses must be listed in USNCC student program of study (academic degree plan). USNCC will not pay for courses outside of program of study (excluding prerequisites). USNCC students may not enroll in courses for which they have already received academic credit without USNCC approval.
Participation in Vol-Ed/TA Students participating in service funded VolEd tuition assistance in a given term are not permitted to take courses through the USNCC (and its programs) at the same time.
Available Programs The USNCC, with its partner colleges, offers the following degrees and certificates: a) Naval Studies Certificate; b) Professional Certificate (in the Concentration area), c) Associate Degree (in concentration area); d) certificates of completion in course areas selected from among offerings (as requested by services/communities and approved by USNCC)
Program Completion There are three components to the USNCC associate degree programs: general education, professional concentration area, and Naval Studies Core. The Naval Studies Core is incorporated and a required part of each USNCC degree program. A certificate will be earned upon completion of the Naval Studies Core. Associate degrees are conferred when a student meets the requirements of both USNCC and the partner institution sponsoring the student’s concentration area. Students must complete the Naval Studies Core within three years of initial enrollment.
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