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After being admitted into the USNCC, students will gain access to their myUSNCC online student portal, which contains important information and resources to guide you throughout your USNCC educational journey.
You will then be contacted by a USNCC student success coach with further instructions on how to complete your online orientation and register for your first course.

USNCC Student Success Coaching Services

The USNCC student success coaching team is committed to supporting enlisted service members across the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard in completing naval-relevant college programs that will enhance your operational readiness and improve your warfighting capabilities while putting you on a path to lifelong learning.

We are dedicated to providing you with scalable student coaching services and student support resources to help you complete your college credentials, whether it is one of your certificates or your associate degree program.

In addition to partnering with the USNCC student success coaches throughout your educational experience, you will also closely partner with coaches and advisors while attending online courses at your partner institution. This combination of coaching services, academic support, and student success resources from the USNCC and partner institution’s coaching teams will leverage technology and coaching principles, strategies, and tactics to help you identify and overcome learning, personal, and professional obstacles you might face so you can make optimal progress toward your learning goals.

You will be assigned two student success coaches — a USNCC student success coach and a partner institution student success coach — at the start of your first class. We hope you will form a positive and trusting partnership with your assigned coaches and the entire coaching team as you pursue your academic studies. The USNCC student success coaching team is here to listen as you share your challenges, and we will refer you to available resources and help you form strategies and tactics so you can identify and overcome any obstacles you face as you progress toward your degree, whether you are currently taking a course through the USNCC or one of our partner institutions. As with all relationships, your coaching relationship will be built on trust which must be nurtured and maintained through mutual responsiveness and reliability of your USNCC student success coach, your partner institution student success coach, and you. Reliability and responsiveness between our coaching team and you will be demonstrated through the following standards and expectations.

We understand things can change quickly based on new information or duties to which you might be assigned. These changes might interfere with your participation in a specific activity, class, or degree program. As soon as you learn about such a change in circumstances related to your duties, family, or personal responsibilities, we expect you to proactively email your USNCC student success coach. 

If you have any questions or would like to connect with your USNCC student success coach, please submit a USNCC Support Center Request. You will receive a reply to your request as soon as possible. Typically, responses will happen within 24 hours for requests submitted on a weekday or 48 hours for requests submitted on weekends or during holidays.
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