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  1. Choose your desired associate degree program.
  2. Submit an application online. Please pay close attention to Important Dates regarding application, enrollment, and course start dates. 
Please be prepared by having the following information available:
  • Basic military service information (e.g., Rotation dates, EAOS date, CAC Card).
  • Prior education information, to include high school, college (if applicable), and military transcripts (JST).
  • Name and contact information for your command’s designated Education Service Officer (ESO) or designated command representative that approves education participation.

Steps After Application

  1. Evaluation — At the conclusion of the open application period, the USNCC admissions team will evaluate your application materials and prioritize applicants for admission.
  2. ‚ÄčNotification — The USNCC admissions team will send out notifications to applicants that are selected to advance in the enrollment process and/or those that may be placed on the waiting list if demand exceeds spaces available. 
  3. Command approval — The USNCC admissions team will request approval via electronic form from your command’s Education Service Officer (ESO) or designated command representative (as provided on your application).
  4. Partner institution notification — If command approval is granted and you submit your CAC-signed USNCC Student Agreement and Education Records Release forms by the assigned deadlines, your designated partner institution will evaluate your application materials to determine admission into your desired degree program.
  5. Submit college transcripts — If you have completed any college-level coursework, you will be required to submit official transcripts from all previous institutions where you have attempted or completed college coursework. You will be responsible for submitting transcripts directly to your assigned partner institution.
  6. Admission confirmed - If selected for admission into your desired degree program, you will be notified of your admission status and next steps to successfully begin your educational journey.

Command Approval Requirements

Enrollment with the USNCC requires command approval for initial admission and again every four months of your enrollment. You must provide the contact information for a designated representative, such as your ESO or other command designated individual that would typically approve of participation in off-duty education programs (Staff NCO, Chief, or above). The USNCC staff will communicate with your designated representative via email. 

Requirements for approval:

  1. Good standing with your command.
  2. Active Duty USN, USMC, or USCG or a USCG Reservist and must not be within 3 months of separation (EAOS/EAS).
  3. Adequate off-duty time to complete coursework (we recommend 10 - 12 hours per week to be successful).
  4. USN and USMC servicemembers cannot participate in USNCC programs simultaneously with TA/VolEd related courses within the same given term.

Possible Admission Decision Outcomes

Admission into the USNCC is a competitive process. As such, not every candidate may be selected upon their initial application. Possible admissions outcomes include:
  • USNCC Admission — You gain admission into the USNCC and are assigned an enrollment coach.
  • Partner Institution Admissions — You gain admission into your desired degree program with the assigned partner institution.
  • Waitlist — Your application is pending further availability in the USNCC program. You will be notified with further admission details if spaces become available. If not selected for the current admission term, as a waitlist candidate, you will have the option to be considered for admission in future terms.
  • Denial of Admission — You are not eligible for admission to the USNCC.



Prospective student? Request more information here.

Current students with more questions about information not listed above can submit a request via our USNCC Support Center for any questions or assistance you might need. All requests will be followed up with as soon as possible and within 24 hours for cases submitted during a workday, or 48 hours for requests submitted over the weekend or during official holidays.
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