US Naval Community College Selects Arizona State University for Maritime Logistics Program

21 April 2023

From Chief Mass Communication Specialist Xander Gamble

The U.S. Naval Community College selected Arizona State University for one of the Pilot II maritime logistics associate degree programs March 29, 2023.
QUANTICO, Va. — The U.S. Naval Community College selected Arizona State University for one of the Pilot II maritime logistics associate degree programs March 29, 2023.
This new agreement provides active duty enlisted Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen an opportunity to earn a naval-relevant associate degree in maritime-focused logistics that will directly contribute to the readiness of the naval services and set them on a path of life-long learning.
“As a general, Dwight D. Eisenhower said ‘battles, campaigns, and even wars have been won or lost primarily because of logistics,’” said USNCC’s President Randi R. Cosentino, Ed.D. “We are excited to be a part of the lifelong journey of education for those logisticians who keep the Department of the Navy a global Navy and Marine Corps.”
Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen who pursue the Associate of Science in Logistics through USNCC will have an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the theories, concepts, and components of logistics, with particular attention to serving and supporting maritime and military logistics operations. Students will gain an understanding of logistics and supply chain management, communication, financial management and accounting, analytics, and the managerial skills necessary to be successful in maritime and military logistics, as well as in private industry. The degree, which is pending approval from the Arizona Board of Regents and ASU faculty governance, will also have an established transfer path to a Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management, a Bachelor of Arts in Business (Global Logistics), a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Business and Technology Solutions, or Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurial Leadership offered by ASU. 
“Arizona State University is proud to continue providing support and partnership with the U.S. Naval Community College in our joint mission of providing naval-relevant logistics education for Sailors, Marines, and people serving in the Coast Guard. We could not be more excited about the potential this provides for a well-educated, highly skilled, and powerful American presence at sea,” said Vice Provost Cheryl Hyman, ASU Academic Alliances.
The degree pathway also includes a Certificate in Naval Studies taught by the USNCC’s faculty and a Certificate in Logistics taught by the faculty at ASU. 
ASU is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. While the USNCC is pursuing accreditation – a process that typically takes two to three years – ASU will be the primary degree grantor for this associate degree program, ensuring the service members who graduate from this program receive a transferable degree from an accredited institution.

Active duty enlisted Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen can fill out a student interest form on the USNCC website,, and the USNCC anticipates accepting applications on the website starting in May. The first courses will start in the fall of 2023.  
The United States Naval Community College is the official community college for the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. To get more information about the USNCC, go to Click on the Inquire Now link to learn how to be a part of the USNCC Pilot II program.
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