USNCC Pilot Phase Academic Policies

The below USNCC policies are established and in place to ensure USNCC alignment with DoN leadership guidance and support student success while participating in USNCC educational opportunities. Policies may change based on Service direction and necessity while establishing the USNCC. For questions or clarification on the policies below, contact the USNCC at

Topic Initial USNCC Pilot Policies
Enrollment (each term or Pilot) All eligible populations, pending Command approval, and in good standing with service and participating college. Course must end before completion of enlistment term / separation from AD service.
Academic Standing/ SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) CGPA (cumulative) of 2.0 or greater. If CGPA < 2.0 for a second term in a row, an appeal must be submitted and approved by USNCC to continue.
Failed Courses Students may repeat a failed class (F or WF) one time (presuming in good academic standing). Subsequent repeats require appeal and approval by USNCC.
Incomplete Grades Students must complete an incomplete grade by the end of the following term. In rare cases, an extension may be approved by the course professor and USNCC. Students may not register for additional courses if they have a current incomplete without a final grade.
No Show or Late Withdrawal A warning will be issued upon first no-show or non-approved course withdrawal. USNCC enrollment will be terminated if students no-show or fail to complete 2 or more classes. Opportunity to appeal to USNCC. Withdrawals due to deployment and military service obligations excluded (must be submitted by Command and approved by USNCC).
Eligible Courses If in a degree program of study, approved courses must be in their program of study as determined by: A) USNCC if course taught by USNCC. B) Partner College/University if course taught by partner. C) USNCC will not pay for courses outside of a program of study (excluding pre-requisites). D) Students may not enroll in courses for which they have already received academic credit without USNCC approval.
Participation in Vol-Ed/TA Students shall NOT be permitted to participate in service Vol-Ed/utilize TA in the same term as participation in USNCC degree programs.
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